Frequently Asked Questions


Question #1 - Do I need to be fit?

No, you work at your own pace, you can put as much effort into the class as you want to. Each time it will get easier. 


Question #2 - What is the weight limit?

Our rebounder weight limit is 22 stone. 


Question #3 - What do I need to bring / wear?

You will need to bring water and a pair of socks. 

Please wear comfy clothing i.e. leggings /   t-shirt / fitness clothes


Your Comments Matter To Us

  • ' A good set of routines, it was enjoyable and motivational."     

  • 'Chelsea does her job amazingly'.

  • 'Great every week, maybe different music sometimes? So much  more fun than the gym!'

  • Maybe a few more twist, but other than that it's brilliant. Yippee' 

  • 'Trainer was very good & enjoyed the session!'